I was thinking: “….and where is the soul of the people in all of this?” It was 1979 and  I was walking on campus in northern Germany where I was studying medicine.

Five years later I started mimg_0687-2y counseling training, twelve years later training in bodywork and energy healing and shortly after I went on a spiritual inner journey.
I found the soul in me and others I was looking for.
Tears in my eyes writing this it – there is such a longing in me for all of us to live deeply connected to our most alive parts of ourselves.
My curiosity about our humanness and realms we are connected to made me to the person I am today – curious about how we are the way we are and how we can be so much more. It is in that I will show up in the sessions with you – being there in caring, humor, depths and gentleness, helping you in skilled ways finding the answers and directions you are looking for.