Your beliefs create your reality. They influence how you feel, think, and act. Your limiting beliefs keep you stuck in unwanted experiences.

Have you ever wished you could undo those limiting beliefs? The ones that hold you back? That sabotage you in reaching your goals, living your dreams and creating the life you want to live?

In my book, INNER FREEDOM, I show you exactly that.

INNER FREEDOM is a treasure for all who are on a self-help and spiritual journey.

In this book you are gently guided through the process of finding and dissolving your limiting beliefs. You are supported to find your way out of personal, ancestral and collective trauma. As you move through these steps, your will notice that you feel more empowered going forward. Your supportive beliefs will start to shine through, enabling you to create a life you truly feel at home in. 

Through invaluable information, relatable examples, and effective tools you will be able not only to shift your limiting beliefs, but also:

  • learn ways to more easily navigate your feelings and needs,
  • learn to be gentler and more compassionate with yourself,
  • find tools to communicate with others with more clarity and confidence, so your relationships can flourish,
  • understand your trigger responses and have a road map to get out of a triggered state, and
  • find your place and strength in the interconnectedness of the collective human experience.    

On the deepest level this book will take you on a journey of finding and dissolving the limiting beliefs that make you feel disconnected from yourself, others, and separate from All-that-Is. It will help you shift into living in full connection and Oneness.                                                                                                                                

This book offers a homecoming to your true Self.

In her counselling practice, Susanne Hunter, MD, RCC has worked for decades guiding people to shift out of limiting beliefs into happier and fulfilled lives.

“I wish I had known this years ago” is what many clients say to her after their first sessions. Wanting to make this information widely available motivated her to write INNER FREEDOM.

Where to purchase the book:

Directly from author.

Please email me to buy from me directly if you live on Saltspring Island or in Victoria.

Local bookstores:

Saltspring Island:

–       Salt Spring Books and Black Sheep Books


–     Volume One and Ten Old Books


–       Russell Books


Book Testimonials:
I cannot recommend enough this transformative text, it empowered me to address old patterns and create tangible change in my everyday life with ease, confidence and clarity. I believe this book to be a valuable asset to the lives of those actively on a healing or self-development journey, or for those just starting out. It is accessible, powerful and immediately applicable to my life. I know that it is a text I will keep coming back to for years to come.  E.H. Victoria

The contents of this book have changed my life by enabling me to transform my limiting beliefs about myself. In this book Susanne explains step-by-step how to literally tap into the subconscious mind to find the negative stories we tell ourselves and guides us to a more positive narrative and self-talk which in turn leads to a more satisfying and successful life. I’m so grateful to Susanne for writing this book so that we can all benefit from this life-changing practice. Sheri Standen, Saltspring Island

I received ‘INNER FREEDOM’ as a gift and read it immediately. It is enriching my life. I have integrated some of its practices into my coaching practice and my clients are benefitting greatly.
The writing is clear and engaging. It connects easy to implement practical steps with relevant theory and concepts. This book is special in its information and guidance of working with limiting beliefs in the context of “spiritual awakening” and “Higher Consciousness”. I have yet to find another book with this significant information. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in personal growth and/or on a spiritual path. Nico Gloekler, Life Coach, Germany