Shifting into Oneness

14381457-beautiful-lotus-in-the-poolSHIFTING INTO ONENESS

- six week course – $240.-


If you are interested in participating in one of the upcoming groups and like to be on the list for them, please contact me.

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Core focus of this 6 – week course is:

.    becoming aware of and releasing individual and collective patterns and beliefs that hold   us back from experiencing Oneness.

.    learning and practicing ways of shifting into perceiving, experiencing and living Oneness in our daily lives.

Topics and themes that we will work with are:

Introducing a ‘map’ of humanity through out time showing the interconnectedness of personal and collective patterns and beliefs.

How do we experience oneness, soul beingness, essence, pure love – what name do we give it – the diversity of our individual experience of the same.

How do we ‘drop’ into it, how do we ‘drop’ out of it.

Collective and individual trauma of separation from Oneness.

Beliefs of why we are not allowed or not safe to live our essence.

Beliefs of what we have to do to live our essence.

Identifications in our lives -roles, experiences, personal and collective beliefs. Identifications with body, emotions, thoughts.

How our identifications influence our experiences.

Ways of clearing, releasing patterns that don’t serve us anymore – emotions, physical patterns, behavior, thoughts and beliefs.

Childhood experiences of imprints from the ‘outside’.

‘Monkey-mind “‘ and ‘consciousness mind’,

Patterns of fear and needs in our lives – how do they influence our experience of Oneness.

Oneness on earthly realm and the unseen realm.

Five sense perception, intuitive perception.

Perception of the inside and the outside.

Physical body, energetic body.

Beliefs held in conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind .

How our beliefs bring us into experience of limitation or freedom.

Cellular and ancestral healing.

How to identify mind energy and heart energy and how do we shift from one into the other.

Time – future, past- presence.

Relating through duality patterns, relating through consciousness.

The field beyond right and wrong – freeing from judgments.

Ways of forgiveness.

Struggle, striving, grasping – ease.

Attachments, desires, aversions.




How to step out of our stories and still be living them.

How to use mind and emotions in consciousness.

With each topic there will be a theory part and experiential part. The sequence for the topics during the eight weeks is not fixed. We will work with them in attunement to the individual and group process of the evening.