“Thank you for your incredible insight and talent! I feel so blessed to have you guiding me on this journey back to myself and the Divine.”

Norma Reid, Victoria


 “A colleague recommended I see Susanne for workplace stress (e.g. insomnia,
anxiety and irritability). It only took a few sessions before I found
relief. Susanne asked all the right questions to help me take a fresh look
at some long held beliefs about working hard and suffering. I was sceptical
about the tapping technique, but it effectively discharged some lifelong
emotional triggers. Months later, my family, friends and colleagues have all
mentioned the radical improvement in my attitude. Before I saw Susanne, I
was considering quitting my job, but with her help I found the clarity to
stay and handle the pressure in new ways. I still function at a high level
at work, but without the “poor me” story. I feel happier, lighter,
connected, relaxed and am sleeping peacefully. Thank you Susanne!”

Lisa, Victoria, BC


“I have been trying to cope with a series of family losses for many years. I thought I was doing well, but my body was telling me otherwise through insomnia, chronic pain and fatigue.  I was introduced to Suzanne through a work colleague and today I realized that after our second session, I have made more progress than I have over the past twelve years using other, more traditional methods of counseling.   I am a logical person, and I don’t understand how it Emotional Freedom Tapping works, but through Suzanne’s guidance I am able to work through some deeply buried emotions.  It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest, and I am now able to breathe fully.  I now want to do more work on the repressed memories so I can once again embrace a sense of freedom and happiness.”

Marie, Victoria, BC


“I know that our work together was effective
and while it is uncomfortable to explore deep rooted issues,
your talent, experience and gentle nature helped me feel comfortable to go deep.
Thank you for that.”

Susan M., White Rock, BC


“Susanne gave craniosacral treatments to my infant son, and it was
amazing to watch his reaction to the treatments – his face lit up with
a big smile as he followed the movements of her hands with his eyes.
He expressed a mixture of serenity and delight.  As a mom, the best

part for me has been watching Susanne because it has introduced me to
a whole new way to connect with him on an energetic level. It is
something I have been able to replicate at home, and it has allowed me
to deepen the bond.  Now when my son and I are at home, I gaze more

deeply into his eyes than I did before, and I feel like I am seeing
more of him, and that he is seeing more of me. It’s wonderful. Even
though he cannot speak yet, I swear my son and I understand each other
better. It has been a real gift!”

Claire Kerr, Victoria, BC