Energy-work & Vibrational Healing


Energy-work & Vibrational Healing

All information is energy, vibration. All our experiences, our physical bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our patterns and beliefs are energy that is stored as vibrational information in and around us. It is as if we are carrying a big personal DVD with all the information imprinted.

In energy work we access this information directly. Sometimes it translates for us into the stored stories (memories of experiences, emotions, body sensations, thoughts, beliefs) and sometimes it doesn’t. We do not always need to remember and re-experience the old information in order to change it.

In energy work, we heal patterns and imprints that don’t serve us anymore without having to go back into feeling the experiences of where they came from.

The patterns of our lives are part of a far bigger picture. Our personal patterns not only come from the lives we are living now. They are connected to other times; they are often ‘inherited’ and come through parental lineages, cultures, and collective conditioning throughout human history. Everything is connected.

We are all connected to a pool of collective patterns – collective consciousness/unconsciousness. We are all holding thought and emotional patterns that come in billions of variations of similar themes. Many of them are based on fear and pain. These connections of our personal patterns to the bigger picture can be difficult to access through our minds, our emotions and our body sensations.

In energy work and vibrational healing we access our personal stories and their relationships to the collective energetically. Through our connection to the highest consciousness of pure love and light, the healing comes from the realm of unlimited potential that is beyond our understanding and conscious thought awareness.

In all of these approaches the focus is on two big areas:

.    dissolving patterns that are fear based, coming from old experiences of some kind of acute or chronic trauma and their protective responses.

.    strengthening your connection to your essence, your connection to aliveness, to joy, trust, love, to the divine in and around you.