14871474-white-lotus-flowerMy visions for us individually and collectively as humankind

  • Shifting into Oneness: Changing ¬†our lives from fear based perception and experiencing into love based perception and living.
  • For each one of us to live our highest potential, based on our essence in our everyday life.
  • To release old, fear based patterns, imprints, conditionings, individually and collectively, that have made it difficult to stay and live our connectedness to our essence.
  • For each one of us to find our unique way of living our highest expressions of who we are and being in absolute reverence and love for our own and the expressions of everyone around us.
  • To create win-win-win- situations that come from giving love out of an overflowing fullness.
  • For humanity to move beyond duality and live the oneness that we are.